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Before becoming a fulltime RVer, New York Times Kindle bestselling author Nick Russell published daily and weekly newspapers in Washington, Oregon, and Arizona. He and his wife Terry have been fulltiming for 15 years and are the publishers of the popular Gypsy Journal RV travel newspaper, and Russell presents travel seminars at RV rallies across the country. Nick is the author of 15 books, including Highway History and Back Road Mystery, Meandering Down The Highway – A Year On The Road With Fulltime RVers, Work Your Way Across The USA – You Can Earn A Living And Travel Too!, The Frugal RVer, Overlooked Florida, Overlooked Arizona, Dog’s Run, and the bestselling Big Lake mystery series. You can follow Nick on his daily blog at www.gypsyjournalblog.com.

6 thoughts on “About Nick Russell”

  1. I was one who downloaded ur bookbub offering and looking at ur blog and published books have become a fan already. We’ve been marooned in Las Vegas 4 two weeks waiting 4 parts. Spent a week+ n bullhead city before that trying to head 2 yuma 4 the winter. R plans 2 hit the civil war battlefields this summer got waylaid. Have u spent time in Winfield ks when they r having the nat’l flat picking championships?

  2. Why did you call the old squrill a old boar when the male squrill is a Buck
    we dont have those little critters in New Zealand I think they are so cute
    Iam e joying your Big Lake Books
    Thank You

  3. I have just finished reading “Big Lake”, the first book in the series. I liked it and I will read the second book too.

    BUT – I am confused: The protagonist, Sheriff Weber (true German name btw ;-) is sheriff in (fictitious) Big Lake in a not named fictitious county in the real Great State of Arizona! From the description of the scenic drives in the book I would imagine that Mr Weber is a real ELECTED county sheriff (compared to an appointed police chief of a city).

    How can it be that an elected sheriff has to take orders from a city mayar or can be threatend by this man to be fired.

    I can’t imagine that the real (in)famous sheriff of the real Maricopa County (AZ), Joe Arpaio, would be taking orders from the mayor of the the city of Phoenix?

    Does anybody know more, please?

    Greetings from Germany (yes, we do have Amazon too and we do have Kindles as well ;-)

    1. I am happy you are enjoying my Big Lake series. In answer to your question about Sheriff Weber, I used literary license to be able to create the ongoing conflict between the sheriff and mayor.
      Nick Russell

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