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      1. Big Lake Scandal is NOT available on Nook. Tried to get it as I have read all the books in the series. Is it only on Kindle????

        1. Jmac, I recently pulled all of my books from the Nook online bookstore to be able to allow them to be downloaded free to Amazon Prime members and in the Amazon Kindle Owners Lending Library (KOLL). It was a hard decision to make, but I was only selling a dozen or so books a month on Nook and hundreds on Amazon.

  1. Hi!
    I’ve really enjoyed listening to the audiobook version of your Big Lake mysteries, so I was wondering whether the latest one will also be published as an audiobook, or whether I should go ahead and get the ebook?
    Since I’m not on facebook, I thought I’d leave a reply here, but feel free to respond on facebook, or not at all :-)

      1. Hello Nick,

        Oh dear, I am reading them out of order. I have done BL and now I am reading BL Blizzard. I was wondering why there was no mention of the recovery of Special Agent Parks!

        Best regards,

    1. I am not surprised. Just finished it 5 mins ago and I am now on my way back to Amazon’s kindle store to purchase the rest of the series. Big Lake was a brilliant read can’t wait to start the next book.

  2. My BookBub promotion for Big Lake was very successful, with almost 75,000 free copies downloaded. I’m already seeing an increase if sales of the other four books in the Big Lake series and some very nice reviews.

    1. Your Big Lake books are the best I’ve read in a long time. Right up ther with the Jack Reacher series. 3 down, 2 more to go. Keep them coming, please.

      Glad I picked up the first one on BookBub!

  3. Just finished Big Lake which I downloaded from BookBub. I am now hooked. I am looking forward to reading the complete series. Not to adverise other series but I just finished Robert J Thomas and his Jess Williams series, John Locke and Emmett Love series AND was looking for another book series to look forward to reading. I found it!!! Thanks, TJ And yes, I will give a 5 star review rating.

  4. Loved this series, great books! Please tell me there will be more. Would love to read about another Big Lake wedding with Weber and Robyn. Thank you Mr. Russell.

  5. Carrie, I’m so glad you are enjoying the series. I’m working on book six, Big Lake Burning, now. I’m not sure what’s going to happen between Weber and Robyn, but I’m just as eager as you to find out.

  6. I haven’t ever been much of a reader……I can’t put these books down! I have read the first two in the series, and have all five of them qued up in my Kindle app on my phone. I read everywhere now! Your are a wonderful writer and I am sure to own all of your books! Bravo Sir, bravo.

  7. LOVE your books. Got the first one from a suggestion on probably, where I find lots of good book suggestions. Fell in love with the characters and your writing. The stories are fantastic. Have read them all in about a week and am anxious to read more. Some of the best stories I have read, and have almost 2,000 kindle stories on my computer. How can I be notified when you have another one ready?
    Thanks for your wonderful books!

  8. Margy,
    I am working on the next one in the series, Big Lake Honeymoon, and hope to have it out soon. I believe there is someplace on Amazon to click to be notified when a new book becomes available.

  9. Hi Nick

    I downloaded Big Lake from Amazon’s free lists, I’ve just got around to reading it & absolutely loved it. In fact, I loved it so much that I’ve just downloaded the next 5 & will buy Big Lake Hineymoon when it’s published. Fabulous characters & great storytelling, thank you for having such a vivid imagination!

  10. I just finished reading Big Lake Honeymoon. I can’t wait to see what’s next in book #8. Thank you Mr. Russell for these great books!

  11. Hi,

    I would like to start reading the BIG LAKE series, but I need the list of books starting with number 1 all the way to the last book. I don’t want to start reading book 3 and realize I skipped 2 books.

    Would you not mind listing them? Thank you again and have a good day!

  12. Just read Big Lake and loved it. Getting all the others in the order you suggested. Great writing. Thanks!!

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