A variety of odors are often associated with your AC, and not all of them are necessarily good smells. Each one can spell out a different list of troubles for a St. Peters, MO, homeowner. Here are some of the most common smells and what they could mean for your unit.

Bacterial Growth

If your HVAC unit is operating inefficiently, this can lead to an excess of humidity in your home and within your unit. More humidity means more condensation, and more condensation can mean bacterial growth for your unit. A smell such as this likely means that microbes are growing within your unit.

Dirty Socks

The smell of dirty socks means you’ll need a professional to inspect your unit. In the world of HVAC units, this smell can signify an issue with your condenser, the part of the system responsible for heating and cooling the air in your home. These condenser coils can begin forming bacteria on them, and an HVAC professional will need to sanitize them.

Gun Powder

Whenever you detect even a hint of burning or a gun powder smell coming from your vents, it’s best to turn your unit off and have our technicians repair it immediately. There’s a significant chance that something is burning inside your unit. Several electrical components make up an AC unit, and the smell of burning could signify a frayed wire or overheated motor.

Exhaust Fumes

When you think of exhaust fumes, you likely think of vehicles, but they can come from an HVAC unit as well. The scent of exhaust can mean that the fluid located in your unit has leaked onto the motor or other hot component of the unit and is now emitting an exhaust smell.

If you smell any type of odor coming from your HVAC unit, it’s best to contact a licensed technician immediately. Give Indoor Comfort Team a call today, and our professionals can inspect your system.

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