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Are you the artistic type, with a burning desire to see your words in print? Do friends describe you as creative, talented, with a flair for the dramatic? Do you have a message to tell the world, a message that you refuse to be allowed to be sullied by filthy lucre? Are you committed to preserving the integrity of your work, the demands of agents, editors, and publishers to mold it to fit the market be damned? Is sharing that message, making that creative statement, more important to you than money? Then I’m afraid you have come to the wrong website. Please do us both a favor and  and move on. This website is for entrepreneurs who just happen to be writers.I was an artist once. A starving artist. But my work was pure and had divine inspiration. At least I thought so. It was a love affair between myself and my work. Let me tell you something… being a starving artist sucks! It’s hard to follow your muse when your stomach is growling, your fingers are cold because there is no heat in your garret, and the landlord is beating on the door wanting his rent. (He would have called, but the telephone was disconnected weeks ago!)

So I forgot about love, I forgot about my art, I forgot about creating, and I became a whore. Now I do it for the money. Today I publish 4 profit. (Notice that I used the numeral 4 instead of the word for in the last sentence. There is a reason for that and you’ll learn why soon.) For the last 25 years I have made a very comfortable living writing and self-publishing books, booklets, newspapers, and niche publications. You can do it too!

The purpose of this website is to help you cut through all the hype that surrounds the publishing industry and learn how you too can make money putting words onto paper. This is not a get rich quick website, so if you are hoping to make a fortune overnight, you’re wasting your time here. I live in the real world. But if you want to learn how to build a good business that will pay consistent dividends over the long haul, keep on reading.

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